Toddler Boy Scrapbook Paper

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For the first time ever, our scrapbooking supplies are available for purchase, starting with our scrapbook paper. Our scrapbook paper is one-of-a-kind. Jill, the mastermind behind it all, designs our scrapbook paper each month to make our scrapbook kits really stand out above the rest. We are confident that our scrapbook paper will add amazing colors and designs to your scrapbooking supplies. Order now while supplies last, because when they are gone, they are gone. For details on the backside of these papers click the links below:

4 Sheets: Baby Girl/Baby Boy Squares

4 Sheets: Blue Diagonal Brick/Snowflake Large

4 Sheets: Blue X’s/Snowflake Light

4 Sheets: Jungle Plaid/Arrows

Total Sheets of Paper: 16

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Our Promise:

Our scrapbook paper, scrapbook ideas, and our scrapbook kits are completely original and can only be found here at The Treasure Box Scrapbooking Club. We promise that these kits will make your “Life’s Treasured Moments” more memorable when they appear in your scrapbook album.


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